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Our Leadership and Staff

Meet the Team


The Reverend Ed Bove

Rev. Ed Bove has served United Methodist Churches in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine for close to 20 years.  
Over the past year, Rev. Bove along with leadership from three churches in southern Maine, has worked to form the Beacon of Hope Cooperative Parish. He has a passion for connecting the church to community, in order to meet people where they are on their faith journey, and to show them the love of God.
Rev. Bove believes the church should be a place for full inclusivity of all people. He is progressive in his theology, and seeks to connect scripture with real life.  
Blending story telling with scholarship, Rev. Bove provides meaningful sermons each week.


Mike and Jen Boislard are the church custodians who keep Goodwins Mills UMC looking great!

Sandy Farrrar is our Office Administrator.  Her office is located in the Goodwins Mills United Methodist Church at 55 Church Street in Lyman.   Her office hours are 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Monday through Thursday.  She can be reached during office hours at 207-499-7438 or by email at

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